5 Modern Dating Rules

If you are really interested in learning the rules of the modern dating, you will be disappointed as there are no actually rules in the contemporary dating, well, as well as in the conventional one. No matter what rules you follow you can be successful as well as miserable in contemporary way of dating. I guess, this is a matter of chance, fortune, and fate; call it whenever you like. However, there are certain rules that you may follow and get better results.

Here are some modern dating rules for you:

1. Set your own standards for yourself. What may work for you, may not work for the others and vice versa. Decide for yourself what is good for you and what is not. What you can do on the first date and what you cannot. Some people may consider intimate topics too early for the first date and very private; however, if you are ok with this, then it is ok for you. Many people say that sex on the first date is bad and can destroy everything, if you think it is different, then it is probably is, well, at least for you. Nobody’s business is what you do on your date. Only you can see what you want from this date and relationship and it depends on you only.

2. Be yourself. You may probably know this and this can sound really lame, but this part is also very important. No one wants to fall for the person that doesn’t really exist. With the on-line dating it is easier to pretend to be different from who you are. However, bear in mind that sooner or later you will meet for real and your real ‘you’ will be revealed with time. Can you imagine how frustrating this will be for your partner, especially if you went too far with your lies and relationship has already developed?

3. If you go for a date, be ready for anything. Keep in mind that this is just a date. It doesn’t go anywhere if you go once or twice out with someone. It is a scare chance when people meet each other form the first try. Get ready for the best date in your life. Be ready for an ordinary date and also be ready for an unexpected outcome. Let things happen and see where it leads you.

4. Never try forcing things. It makes no sense to force a connection. Chemistry is the key. You will know if you have it.

5. Relax and take things easy. Many people go on a first date nearly in panic. Calm down, let your anxieties go, and enjoy yourself and your date. Trust me, this makes things a lot easier and you will less awkward when you don’t watch your every word, and gesture.

Keep these modern dating rules in your mind and don’t be afraid to date new people. Good luck!

Posted by Mark K. Manthey