How To Avoid Junk Messages In Cougar Dating Sites

cougar coupleLet’s face it, those who are on cougar dating websites are there for a purpose, and that is either companionship or sex. Hence the interested ones will inevitably advertise themselves to be hot and attractive, or handsome. This has advantages as well as a lot of disadvantages. The advantage is that you get a lot of interest generated when you launch yourself into the world of cougar dating in UK and literally have your hands full. However the major disadvantage of having a cougar dating online profile especially if you are a hot woman, is that you get a lot of unwanted attention from complete strangers, who will flood your inbox with unwarranted and explicit messages expressing their dirty thoughts and desires, thinking you to be a woman who has been around the block many a time over. But what they forget is the fact that you have chosen the site because you can afford to be a Cougar, and that means taking care of your “ward’s” financial situation in exchange for sexual favours and companionship that you dictate on your own terms.

So when you see your Cougar Inbox brimming over with pictures of shafts and what not, you’re bound to lose your temper. And the most annoying part about it is that these boneheads don’t realise the fact that they don’t make the cut, yet they keep on stalking you and creep you out. Common sense dictates that a few measures should be taken so that this nuisance can be avoided.


Ways to avoid Junk Mail

Firstly, before creating a profile on cougar dating websites, you should give a good thought as to how far you are willing to take it and the risks involved which include the family getting to know about your adventures. So do not go about splashing your contact details and revealing pictures straight away. It is much better to have a profile picture which is just normal and cheerful, not over the top. This ensures that the perverts give you a quick pass while they glean the virtual pages for skin shows. After a few days on the site, you’ll have made a few contacts out of which you are free to choose your sugar baby to play with. I would suggest that once you get your hands on the hot rod you want, keep a low profile with other contacts on your Cougar dating website. It is observes that cougar dating in UK is pretty safe, and this is because the English know the difference between love and lust. Then again, if you find that you cannot handle the unwanted attention from despicable suitors who keep banging on the door, report it to the website authorities. They have moderators who will issue warnings to these creeps and eventually disable their accounts if they start acting like a smart ass. Last but not least, remember that you can always hop on to another Cougar dating websites and avail of their services under a different alias..; no name, no game.

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Posted by Mark K. Manthey