What are the dreams of Russian women?

Russian women have certain goals and dreams that are quite different from those of the women of other countries. Putting things simply, Russian women dream to look great and find the right man to marry. It is not a secret that Russian women get married at a young age. They are dreaming to find a financially independent man to start family. Russian women communicate and socialize, but their goal is still the same to have a harmonious loving stable family at the end of the days.

Russian women dream to meet a perfect man, who would pay attention and show affection to her beloved. It is very important for a Russian wife to feel protected loved and secure. When her man is attracted to her, she feels everything is ok.

In their majority Russian women prefer looking after children and doing things around home. Only few manage to combine carrier and raising children. In Russia a woman can get married and have children even if their relationship with a man is not well developed or they are financially insecure. That is why many families lack a figure of a father and women raise children on their own.

Russian women dream about love; they are very romantic by nature and prefer flowers, candies, candlelit dinners, good wine, etc. Russian women don’t rush anywhere and the time seems to stop when you are together with a Russian woman, Russian woman creates coziness and comfort at home where her family lives. If your dream is a cozy warm home hearth – Russian woman is a great choice!

Russian women don’t compete with their men. It is very unlikely you will have any problems or argues about children upbringing. Russian wives go alongside and support their husband’s goals and plans. Russian women have a very simple desire, they just want to love and be loved! This natural desire is common for everyone on earth!

Posted by Mark K. Manthey